The Carers Shopping Card

Helping Solicitors to Protect Their Clients and Carers.

With more vulnerable people requiring the legal intervention from Solicitors via Deputyship or LPA, The Money Carer Foundation has opened up its award winning Carers Shopping Card Facility to professionals that support and protect vulnerable adults.

The Carers Shopping Card facility allows Solicitors to manage the shopping funds account online in a fully auditable arena whist allowing carers themselves to receive balance updates via text or via a smart phone App that is 'read only'.  

Solicitors may also choose to be provided with alerts via our newly developed 'Monika' Software. Monika will monitor the transactions made on the carers shopping card and provide bespoke alerts if balances fall below or above a specified level. Monika can also provide alerts to nominated individuals for out of character or suspicious purchases on the account such as multiple cash machine withdrawals for example.


The benefits of the system extend not only to Solicitors in terms of their own efficiencies and audit trails but also to their clients carers who can save time in their day, plan better, and be provided with a more secure and robust way of accessing the allocated shopping funds needed to support the vulnerable person they are caring for.

The Money Carer Foundation also provides a free Income Maximisation Calculator for all carers so they can check that they are receiving all of the benefits and support to which they are entitled. 

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Accessing Our Shopping Card System

Solicitors who have been awarded a deputyship order or who act as LPA are able to access our carers shopping card system. This award winning service was developed by The Money Carer Foundation in order to better serve our clients and their carers. This service aims to solve the everyday problem of how to get shopping money to carers in a seamless and secure way.

Due to the many enquiries we have recieved over the years we are delighted to be able to provide access to this facility so that Solicitors can provide this service to better support vulnerable clients and their carers who support them in a more cost effective and secure environment. Our system protects clients and their carers in a more robust, modern and convenient way. The cost to have access to this system is £9.99 per month.

Contact us for more information about how this service will benefit you, your client and their carers or download a referral form here.