Services For Care Providers

Reducing Costs Removing and Conflicts of Interest

Care providers who are still involved in managing the money of the vulnerable people under their charge are increasingly being critisised by their regulator and other authorities. With potential liabilities, conflict of interest issues and the fundamental cost of allocating resources to provide money management tasks on top of commissioned core business activities (providing care) The Money Carer Foundation can swiftly resolve these problems for care providers. There are 3 main options.

Option 1: Transfer of Appointeeships 

The Money Carer Foundation has assisted numerous care providers (national and regional) to extragate themselves from the costs and conflicts of interest of them acting as the appointee for the vulnerable people under their care.

Often the prompt for this has been a recent CQC inspection when this area of conflict of interest is highlighted or it is the pro-activeness of the care provider management team to want to reduce costs and conflicts from their operation. In this scenario, we utilise our appointeeship transfer expertise to project manage this requirement to ensure the smooth transfer of appointeeships from the care provider to The Money Carer Foundation. This process is collaborative between the two organisations and takes into account the necessary communications to family members and local authorities along with the DWP (The Money Carer Foundation are a Local Partner to the DWP)

There is no consultancy fee charged by The Money Carer Foundation for this service to the care provider. For more information please contact Sean Tyrer at

Option 2: The Carers Shopping Card 

Our award winning Carers Shopping Card service is a facility which enables carers to perform everyday shopping tasks in a secure way. The Carers Shopping Card protects your carers as well as your service users by allowing carers to have an individual shopping card which allows them to access small amounts of money that is made available for client shopping purposes only.

This is the same system that The Money Carer Foundation uses to protect our own clients and the carers that support them along with many firms of Solicitors who also access our carers shopping card service to protect their own clients.

For more information about The Carers Shopping Card please Visit Here or contact Sean Tyrer at

Option 3: Bank Account Solutions for Care Providers

Many care providers who act as Corporate Appointee for service users under their care face dificulties accessing bank accounts where clients benefit monies are held or find themselves compromised with carers using the clients own bank cards to access service users money.

This is a scenario that The Money Carer Foundation deals with every week as we are contacted by care providers who think they have no option but to use a service users own card and PIN number to access a clients money or have the dilemma of having to physically take a service user to a bank branch every time they need to access spending money. The dangers of this practice are stark.

Carers can be accused of misappropriating client monies (mostly wrongly but sometimes rightly) which is a serious matter not just for the carers that have been accused but also for the care provider who has allowed this practice to go on (usually in a well-meaning way) without considering the potential consequences for carers or the organisation as a whole. There are also insurance liability issues for care providers along with the question of regulatory compliance in respect of the CQC and how care providers are assessed as providing services to clients in a fit, safe and secure manner.

All too often we read in the national newspapers stories of how carers have been prosecuted for financial abuse crimes against vulnerable people under their care. These are just some of the reasons why many care providers ask The Money Carer Foundation for solutions to these problems and in response to these requests The Money Carer Foundation has worked with our own bank in order to provide care agencies with secure bank account solutions so they are able to access service user monies in a safe and auditable way in order to protect the vulnerable people they support, their carers and the care organisation itself.

For more information about our Bank |Account Solutions for Care Providers please Visit Here or contact Sean Tyrer at