Genealogy Changes Lives

In most cases, our clients are referred to us because they have no one close to look after their financial afairs. They typically have no or limited family links and often there is little known about their background and history. Sometimes our clients can tell us a bit about their upbringing, their parents, their brothers and sisters, but unfortunately, often, they can’t.

This doesn’t mean that we ignore their past however. In fact, we take steps to find out about our clients personal history as we firmly believe that knowing about a persons past can enhance the quality and outcomes of their ongoing care and their enjoyment of life.

The team at The Money Carer Foundation work in partnership with Anglia Research, a well-established firm of genealogists that have been tracing relatives and next-of-kin for over thirty years. The staff at Anglia Research have a reputation for thoroughness and accuracy which is second to none. From our point of view, this means they work impressively fast.

"I thought you might like to know that I referred one of our clients to Eileen and it turns out she has found a brother who is still alive and some nieces – and I only referred her about half an hour ago!"

— Angela Fish, Client Liaison Manger - The Money Carer Foundation

Our main point of contact at Anglia Research is Eileen Butcher. She works closely with MCF staff to understand each client’s individual circumstances and then directs the research to find long-lost family members.

As a genealogist of 35 years’ standing, a member of AGRA and a regular researcher for the UK and US versions of Who Do You Think You Are?, Eileen brings a wealth of experience to The Money Carer Foundation.

From just a name and a date of birth, Eileen's team can piece together family backgrounds that shed a whole new light on a client’s personal history. Did they come from a large family? Are there once-close relatives with whom they have lost touch? Re-establishing links with family is a sensitive matter and we work closely with social workers and other interested parties when that possibility arises.

Simply receiving a Christmas card from a long-forgotten relative brings the happiest of smiles, both to clients and to carers who take a personal interest in the well-being of those they look after. Anglia Research can arrange for information to be presented in pictorial form, such as family tree charts to hang on the wall or whole life booklets to be picked up and read at leisure, so that our clients can use them to trigger memories and relive long-forgotten episodes from their past.


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