Local Authority Partnerships

The Money Carer Foundation partners with over 70 local authorities in England, Scotland and Wales in order to provide much-needed appointeeship and deputyship support services.

From our trusted appointeeship and deputyship overflow service for local authority client affairs teams to our unique bank account opening platform and our carers shopping card to our benefits entitlement check service, we are here to help.

Resource Management and Future Planning

Many local authorities are finding that allocating increased resources for non-statutory services are simply unrealistic.

The financial pressures of the coronavirus have accelerated this reality and lots of councils are working alongside Money Carer to bolster and support the demand for appointeeship and deputyship needs for the vulnerable people where they have a statutory requirement to act in their best interest to protect them and allocate suitable support services in order to meet their legal requirments.

Get In Touch

For an initial discussion about how we can assist your department just call us on 0161 791 3054 or email info@moneycarer.org.uk to review partnering options.