Expat Family Support Service

Everyday Money Management For Loved Ones Back Home

The Money Carer Foundation is a national social enterprise that provides a personal support service for British expats who have relatives in the UK that are in receipt of care and would benefit from the unique services that the foundation provides for vulnerable people.

We work alongside family members that now live overseas who have asked us to provide our everyday money management and care support services in the UK to help them fulfill their duties in overseeing the affairs of loved ones back home. As we are uniquely experienced in this area, our clients around the world really appreciate the added layer of help, information and protection that we provide for their family.

We solve the practical, everyday problems that long distance provides such as providing shopping money for the carers of loved ones, liaising with care managers and social workers, navigating the welfare benefits system and many things more. In short, all of the services that we have been entrusted to provide for our thousands of vulnerable clients in the UK are available to the family members of expatriates based abroad.

Just Some Of The Ways How We Can Help

  • Provide carers with funds via our Carers Shopping Card Service
  • Open a managed current account to pay eveyday bills and invoices
  • Liaise with the DWP to deal with paperwork and to ensure full benefit entitlement is claimed
  • Arrange an independent social worker assessment of the care provider and a report for you
  • Arrange a full care funding and healthcare review to ensure care is being funded correctly

The Expat Team at The Money Carer Foundation work in partnership with all of the component parts of the circle of care support network. Typically, this can be, the person living overseas, their loved one in the UK, the care home or care provider and the local authority social services department or the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP).

Depending on the requirements of our overseas client or their loved one in the UK we can tailor the level of support that is needed. For some, this may simply be providing a secure way to provide carers with food shopping money via our Carers Shopping Card Service. Or, we might open a UK managed current account in the name of either the person living overseas or their loved one back home in order to manage and pay a wide range of everyday bills and care fees using our own current account platform.

As we have our own national network of highly qualified independent social workers, inhouse welfare benefits team and a unique partnership with a law firm that support vulnerable people with a wide range of legal services we can provide practical help with any situation that living overseas might make more complicated.

Here To Help

If you would like to learn more about how The Money Carer Foundation can help you or a loved one then please either call us on +44 7841580634 or email us at seant@moneycarer.org.uk and we will be happy to discuss your circumstances and the ways in which we will be able to assist you.