Deputyship Referral Service

The Money Carer Foundation does not provide a deputyship service however we work closely with our legal partners in the Court of Protection team at Linder Myers Solicitors who are Court of Protection panel deputies and as such are able to provide a wide range of deputyship services to individuals and family members.

Our colleagues at Linder Myers assist clients who may have relatively 'low assets' and also 'high net worth' individuals. Both organisations are very seasoned in our understanding that it is not the level of funds or assets that a person has that determines the complexity of their case. It is the unique circumstances of the individual that sets out the appropriate solution required.

It can often be confusing for the many social workers or care organisations when they contact us to understand what is the most appropriate money management solution for their vulnerable client and this is where the services provided by The Money Carer Foundation helps as the initial point of referral.

Make  A Deputyship Referral Here

To refer a client please send an email to or call our referrals team on 0800 083 0626 to discuss your client's circumstances in confidence. We will be happy to discuss all of the options available.

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