Carers Shopping Card - Application Form

For Family Or Friends Supporting A Loved One

This application option is for individuals who are having their finances managed for them by a family member or close friend under DWP Appointeeship, Court of Protection Deputyship or have a Lasting Power of Attorney.

Those people managing the finances will not be undertaking this role in a professional capacity (such as a Solicitor for example). The account opened will be in the name of the person that has the legal responsibility for managing the vulnerable persons money.

For Individuals Applying For Themselves

This application option is for individuals that have the clear mental capacity to decide that they wish to benefit from our carer card service and understand the application process and what they are signing up to. They will also be able to discuss their account coherently if required (such as somebody who is housebound because of their frailty but is clearly sound of mind). The account opened will be in the individuals own name.

If Mental Capacity is Fluctuating

This application option is for those people that have questionable or fluctuating mental capicity to understand what they are applying for. In such cases we will require a mental capacity assessment to be undertaked by a professional (such as a social worker or medical professional for example) to determine whether they have the ability to understand the decision to apply to open a carer card account.

If it is determined that they do not have the capacity then it would not be appropriate to continue the application and really a formal money management role (such as appointeeship or deputyship) should be recommended. We can, of course, help with this.