The Carers Shopping Card Account

A Managed Service to Support Carers and Their Clients

Our Carers Shopping Card account provides a secure and convenient way for carers to access smaller amounts of money for the people that they care for using a card in their own name just for this purpose. This protects both the carer and the person they care for.

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This is a fully managed service where The Money Carer Foundation team can liaise directly with carers, care managers and their clients to order new cards, confirm balances and to provide an additional layer of support and oversight.

Best Practice

The award winning facility was developed in 2012 by The Money Carer Foundation with our banking services provider to solve the problem of providing the carers of our own clients access to 'shopping money' on a regular basis. 

After being approached by many Solicitors who also manage the finances of vulnerable people to enquire if they could access the system for their own clients we opened up the service to lawyers, care providers and family members.

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What Does It Cost?

Fully Managed Service For Care Providers and Family Members - £8.50 Per Month 

The Money Carer Foundation charges a fixed monthly fee of £8.50 (per service user) to care providers who employ carers to undertake shopping tasks for their clients. This can be paid for by either the care provider or the service user or family member. 

We also charge a one time account opening fee of £10 per account opened and our banking partner charges £35 per account per year. Our banking partner also charge some additional fees. These consist of a cash withdrawal fee from ATM machines of £0.99p and a card replacement fee of £4.95. The cards are free to use in stores or online.

Fully Managed Professional Deputies or Attorneys - £9.99 Per Month

The Money Carer Foundation charges a fixed monthly fee of £9.99 (per client) to Solicitors who are the Deputy or hold an LPA for their clients and the same banking fees detailed above also apply.

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