Our Assisted Current Accounts

Responding To The Challenges of the Coronavirus

In response to the rapidly developing challenges that self-isolation practically presents to vulnerable people unable to access money to pay for food and services, we have launched our short-term, Assisted Current Account Service and CashByText Service.

Using our own, dedicated, Current Account platform and payment portal with our banking partner, Cashplus, we are able to open a managed account for individuals that otherwise may struggle to pay for everyday items and support services. This new offering builds on the long-established success of our Carers Shopping Card service and uses our existing infrastructure and processes in order to provide a tailored, practical solution where everyday payment support is required.

How Does It Work? 

After gathering the required documents to process the normal KYC and AML (Know Your Customer and Anti Money Laundering) checks we are able to open a managed current account in the name of the client typically within 24 hours. We can then activate the account so that it can receive funds into it and we can make BACS payments straight away from it using our payment portal. When we receive the prepaid Mastercard that comes with the account we can then activate the card function so that we can then make online card payments also.

What Does It Cost?

  • Initial Account Set Up Fee - £55. This is the Cashplus fee which we simply pass on.
  • Fixed Monthly Fee - £8.50

Can This Service Be Funded?

Yes, this is possible. If you are in receipt of a care package and have been assessed by your local authority to be able to make a monthly contribution towards the cost of your care package you can ask them to consider recalculating your funding contribution to take these fees into account as a Disability-Related Expenditure (DRE) claim.

Please note that this service is currently being developed to support individuals with ongoing challenges in the light of challenges brought about by the coronavirus so please revisit these pages in the coming days for updates and enhancements.

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