Our Appointeeship Service

Appointeeship services from The Money Carer Foundation are completely independant as we are not part of any other organisation and therefore we do not have any conflicts of interest and for many of our clients are services are essentially provided free of charge - Click Here to Learn Why

We have two levels of appointeeship services in order to provide our clients with choice and to match the level of support they require in their best interest and in the least restrictive way. All of our appointeeships are protected by the Appointee Security Bond which we have developed with Aviva and Deputy Bond Services.

Our Appointeeship Service Plans

1: Our Comprehensive Plan - For People In The Community Or Care Home Settings..

2: Our 'Shared Duties' Plan  - Where Family or Carers Can Play A More Active Role.

The Money Carer Foundation is not part of any other organisation such as a council or care provider so there are no conflicts of interest. We continuously create and innovate and we are changing the status quo that still exists in many areas of the country when it comes to managing the finances of vulnerable people.

Two examples of how we are protect vulnerable people more are the development of the Appointee Security Bond and our award winning Carers Shopping Card system. These are just some of the reasons why we were selected to represent Best Practice and Innovation in the finance sector of the 2017/18 Parliamentary Review.



Our unique services provides flexible ways to meet our clients daily money management needs and supports and protects the people who make up their circle of care. As the acknowledged thought leaders in the UK our expertise and experience provides the appropriate level of assistance and intervention that is required on a client by client basis.

This could mean a personalised appointeeship plan to secure the best possible outcomes for service users that require an independent appointee with no conflict of interest. Our Client Managers will provide budgeting and general financial advocacy to a more formal role where stronger safeguarding issues are needed. 

We have also recruited a national network of Independent Social Workers who are all members of BASW. Our social worker partners are able to support our team and our clients with a variety of tasks and bring on board a huge range of professional capabilities.

Focusing On Client Outcomes

The Money Carer Foundation assists individuals, their carers and or family members with the everyday management of a person's financial affairs. The service is tailored to the needs of our clients and our aim is simply to fit in as part of the wider care team.

As a Local Partner to the DWP, our role is to receive our clients benefit payments and monitor and pay bills such as energy or telephone bills along with care contributions, day centre fees, rent, food purchasing allowances along with many other necessary bill payment requirements.  We deliver a secure, friendly and professional environment and we provide our clients with a tailored and outcome focused service.

Working in partnership with our clients circle of care, each service user has a access to a dedicated Client Manager Team who are responsible for coordinating the daily money management needs of our clients. Our Client Managers are the hub of contact between the client and their wider care team regarding their financial matters and as they regularly liaise with a number of people and organisations such as care support staff, family members, local authority safeguarding teams, utility companies, banks and the various DWP benefits agencies. 


To make a referral simply send an email to help@moneycarer.org.uk and all the necessary forms will be automatically sent to you. Or alternatively, call us on 0800 083 0626 and we will be happy to assist you.


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