Corporate Appointeeship

The appointeeship service from The Money Carer Foundation has been provided completely independently since we started our national social enterprise more than 10 years ago. Over the years we have managed the welfare benefit and everyday money management responsibilities of thousands of clients whilst providing support systems for other people involved in their care.

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We have our own secure banking platform with the Cashplus Group that enables us to open individual bank accounts in the name of our clients within hours enabling us to manage our clients financial needs quickly and efficiently.

Although appointeeship is not specifically covered by the Mental Capacity Act 2005, in the everyday delivery of our appointeeship service we follow its 5 underlying principles whenever practically possible. We also acknowledge and support our clients rights in respect of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD).

Our appointeeship services are tailored plans in order to provide our clients with as much choice about everyday matters as possible and to match the appropriate level of support that is sensibly required and practically deliverable with flexibility and independence. We understand that 'one size does not fit all'.

Our appointeeship clients have enhanced protected by the appointee security bond which we have assisted in introducing in the UK in conjunction with Aviva and Security Bonds Ltd.

Our Appointeeship Service

The Money Carer Foundation is not part of any other organisation such as a local authority or care provider and as such there are no conflicts of interest when we act as an independent appointee. We create and innovate and we are changing the status quo that still exists in many areas of the country when it comes to delivering a modern appointeeship service for vulnerable people.

What Does The Service Cost?

We charge a fixed monthly fee of £65 for clients that are community based and £35 per month for clients that reside in nursing or care homes or who are currently hospitalised. We also charge a one time set up fee of £150.

There are some other associated costs in the delivery of our appointeeship service which are charged by our banking partner and passed on to our clients, these are:

  • An annual bank account charge of £35 which is debited automatically by the bank from each account annually.
  • Each account comes with a prepaid Mastercard however any additional cards cost £4.95. Cards are automatically renewed every two years.
  • If the Prepaid Mastercards are used to withdraw cash from ATM machines a cost of £0.99p is charged. Online and instore transactions have no charge.



Our unique services provide flexible ways to meet our clients welfare benefit responsibiliites and money management needs and also supports the carers and support workers who make up their circle of care. Our experience in appointeeship provides the appropriate level of assistance and intervention that is practically required on a client by client basis. Our Client Managers will provide budgeting and general financial advocacy and can also adopt a more formal role where stronger safeguarding issues are necessary. 

We have also recruited a national network of Independent Social Workers who can provide additional support for our clients. Our social worker partners are able to support our team and our clients with a variety of tasks and bring on board a huge range of professional capabilities. Our ability to call on this resource often is of real assistance to local authority social workers and support workers by enabling teams to pool resources and experience and work together for the best outcome for the client.

Focusing On Client Outcomes

As a local partner to the DWP, our role is to receive our clients benefit payments and monitor and pay bills such as energy or telephone bills along with care contributions, day centre fees, rent, food purchasing allowances along with many other necessary bill payment requirements.  We deliver a secure, friendly and professional environment and we provide our clients with a bespoke service whilst remaining in the clear legal framework that appointees have in their role.

Our Client Managers are the hub of contact between the client and their wider care team regarding their financial matters and as they regularly liaise with a number of people and organisations such as care support staff, family members, local authority safeguarding teams, utility companies and the various DWP benefits departments. 


To make a referral simply send an email to and all the necessary forms will be automatically sent to you. Or alternatively, call us on 0800 083 0626 and we will be happy to assist you.