What Is The Money Carer Card?

Our award winning Carer Cards represent best pratcice when it comes to providing a more secure way for carers to buy everyday items on behalf of the people they care for. Our carer card service protects the carer as much as the person they are caring for.

For organisations or individuals that have undertaken a legal position as appointee, deputy or LPA and have a need to provide carers with access to shopping money then this system will support you in your role. This innovation is just one reason why The Money Carer Foundation were chosen to represent Best Practice and Innovation in the 2017 Parliamentary Review.

How Does It Work? - Watch the Video or Read Below.



Everyday shopping purchases such as food and housekeeping products can be bought by carers using a carers card issued to them by The Money Carer Foundation. We developed this system 6 years ago with our banking partner and thousands of carers and the people they care for benefit from this innovation.

The carer cards we developed operate in a similar way to pay-as-you-go mobile phones. They can only be used to access the amount of funds placed on the card. We have two diffent Carer Card plans to cater for the needs of personal applications and professional applications.

Personal applications, for example, may be an older person with clear mental capacity who has carer support but their frailty might make them housebound and, as such, need a safe and secure way for their carers to have acess to shopping money.

Professional carer card applications, for example, may be solicitors (acting as either deputy or attorney) or DWP corporate appointees (such as local authorities or care agencies) that have a legal responsibility to manage the finances of people under their charge along with the liabilitities that are attached to this role.

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