Can We Transfer Our Appointeeships?

Yes, you can, and we are here to help you with this process.

The Money Carer Foundation assists many care providers that provide community or residential based services to vulnerable adults and would like to remove the associated costs, risk and conflicts of interest involved when they act as a corporate appointee for people under their care.

Often, this role is simply in place due to historical and outdated custom and practice or has been inherited when new care businesses have been acquired. 

By transferring existing appointeeships to The Money Carer Foundation in a planned and managed way, care providers are better able to streamline their operations at a time when a focus on cost and efficiencies is business-critical. This enables resources to be concentrated on delivering the person-centred care that is fundamental for successful care providers to flourish.

This is why so many care providers of all sizes partner with us strategically to provide a better service for their clients and to enable their businesses to become more efficient and less exposed to risk.

Often, it is a prompt by the concerns raised by a CQC visit about the care provider managing a clients money, or withdrawal of local banking services or a recommendation by another care provider that already works with us that triggers the initial contact for us to assist.

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