Can We Transfer Our Appointeeships?

Yes, you can, and we are here to help you with this process.

The Money Carer Foundation assists many care providers (residential and community) that would like to remove the associated costs and risks and conflicts involved with managing the finances of their vulnerable clients.

By transferring their appointeeships to The Money Carer Foundation, care providers are demonstrating the greater transparancy that The Money Carer Foundation brings as the UK's leading independent provider of appointeeship services.

We help care providers reduce costs and liabilities and enable them to focus more on delivering the care plans that they are regulated to deliver.

This is why so many care providers (large and small) are working with us strategically to provide a better service for their clients and enable their business to become more efficient and less exposed to the risks that they can face when dealing with a vulnerable persons financial affairs.

For more information about transfering corporate appointeeships to the Money Carer Foundation and how we can project manage the entire process for you please contact Sean Tyrer at or call on 01928 237386.

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