Shared Duties Appointeeship Plan

The Shared Duties Appointeeship Plan from The Money Carer Foundation essentially represents a partnership between ourselves and our clients close family members and/or their carers or key workers. 

The Money Carer Foundation will be authorised by the DWP to become the Corporate Appointee and to take on all the legal responsibilities and liabilities assigned to this role and retain full oversight of the appointeeship.  

However, in order to provide a least restrictive alternative that would better suit some individuals we have introduced the Shared Duties Appointeeship Plan.  Where appropriate, we are able to share some of the day-to-day appointeeship tasks with family members or carers if this reflects the wishes of the vulnerable person and we agree it would be in their best interest to do so.

How Does This Work In Practice?

The ultimate running of the appointeeship lies with The Money Carer Foundation and we would take direct responsibility for all of the welfare benefit claiming and reporting to the DWP. However, we would agree a tailored plan whereby some of the daily money management and bill paying tasks could be managed by the other individuals supporting our client if that is what they wish and there are no concerns.

An example of this might be an agreement whereby our clients 'mum' or 'support worker' deals with the everyday bill paying needs and the administration of spending money. They would be given access to a managed bank account where an agreed amount of funds would be deposited each week or month by The Money Carer Foundation. The Money Carer Foundation would still have complete oversight but would be working in partnership to support the wishes of our client.

What Is The Cost?

The monthly cost of the Shared Duties Appointeeship Plan is £35, however, an increasing number of our clients effectively have this service provided free of charge due to our fee being rightly regarded as a Disability Disregard Cost.

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