Disability Related Expenditures

If you are in receipt of care and contribute a payment towards your care package then the cost of our services such as our Appointeeship Service or The Carers Shopping Card Service could be deducted from the amount you pay towards your care. This is because our service is a disability service and as such could be eligable to be deducted from your care contribution costs.

Contact Your Local Council

You can request that your local council recalculates their care contribution assessment to deduct the monthly fee for the service you receive from The Money Carer Foundation from the amount you pay them towards your care. This means that our service cost would become free to you as the cost would be deducted from what you would previously have been asked to pay towards your package of care. 

Remember, this is up to your local council ultimately but the costs of many other disability related products and services are routinely deducted from care contribution calculations so it is worth contacting them. Some examples can be found in the links below.

If you would like us to request that your local council recalculates your care contribution payment when you become our client then just ask us.

Currently, some local councils will automatically deduct our monthly fee from our clients care contribution as they accept that we provide a disability service for vulnerable people. For those that do not automatically do this then we will contact them to request that they do as our services may be new to them.

What if I Fund My Care Costs Fully?

If you have savings of over £23,250 and are in receipt of a care package then it is likely that you will be fully funding your care unless you are eligable for NHS Continuiing Health Care funding. In this scenario you will most probably have to pay our monthly fee yourself along with your other care costs until your funds drop below £23,250.