Can Appointees Open Bank Accounts?

The reality is that it is difficult for a DWP appointee to open a bank account with a high street bank. This is because an appointee does not have the same level of authority that a court of protection deputy or lasting power of attorney has.

Although a few banks do offer a very basic bank account for DWP appointees the process of opening an account is long-winded and quite involved. The bank accounts that are available to appointees also have restrictions such as balance limitations as low as £3000 in some cases. This means that for many appointees these restrictions don't make the bank account practical or fit for purpose.

Can I Open A Current Account Via The Money Carer?

Yes, you can. As we have our own current account platform with Cashplus (our banking services partner) we are able to open current accounts for appointees, deputies and people who hold a lasting power of attorney. 

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If you are an appointee, deputy or attorney and would like to open a current account using our Monika banking platform, please click here.