What Is The Process For The DWP To Change An Appointee?

The DWP must contact the current appointee to discuss any request for a change of appointeeship in order to obtain a fuller picture as to why a change has been requested. As appointees are given the legal authority to manage the welfare benefit payments of vulnerable people who are often open to being financially abused it is not uncommon for individuals or organisations to seek to remove an appointee in order to obtain access and control to the vulnerable persons finances.

As such, the DWP as the regulator of all appointees, has an absolute obligation to discuss any request from a third party to change an appointee with the existing appointee before any action is taken. Local councils and social workers have no authority to make decisions about appointeeships and could be held culpable for any interventions that may lead to a vulnerable person under appointeeship being subjected to instances of abuse as a result of ill-informed decision making.