Son accused of stealing $51million lotto winnings

5th May 2012

An elderly California woman is suing her son for allegedly appropriating her $51 million lottery winnings.

Etta May Urquhart, 76, claims her son Ronnie Lee Orender has used her winnings to fund his own life of luxury.

It is claimed that he spent $2.3 million on four houses, bought at least ten vehicles and a boat and made cash gifts of $350,000 to his daughters. He also invested millions of dollars of the winnings which his mother is unable to touch.

According to Mrs Urquhart, she has only received a car, about $125,000 in cash and payments for various expenses. She was also given a house to live in, although she does not own it.

Mrs Urquhart is seeking $32.3 million from her son, as well as damages for fraud, conspiracy to commit fraud, conversion, constructive trust and financial elder abuse.



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