Our Journey So Far 

The progression and development of The Money Carer Foundation spans nearly 10 years now and has always been driven by our unique ability to provide pragmatic solutions to everyday problems and to represent vulnerable people in need of financial protection.

In recent years we have extended our social enterprise remit to enable other organisations and individuals that support vulnerable adults to benefit from our expertise and solutions outside of our own client base. This has been enhanced recently with the development of Monikaour proprietary CRM and alert software system. Monika has been designed to monitor customer financial transactions and to alert the team on a wide range of money management matters in our role as appointee or deputy. Monika not only provides greater protection for our own clients but also for the clients of other organisations, such as Solicitors for example, that choose to access our Carers Shopping Card facility to support their own vulnerable clients. 

If you strip away all the years of experience in helping people, the use of advanced financial technology to make our services affordable to those that need them most, you will find a team of pragmatic, down to earth people who enjoy doing what we do and genuinally care about the clients that we are privileged to support.

We enjoy resolving daily money management issues and we are very good at it. Our organisational culture is based on combining common sense with a proactive approach to working with the various organisations and individuals that form our clients circle of care. We are early adopters of fintech and we utilise our expertise in this area with our partners to make life easier and more secure for our clients and their carers. 

Thought Leadership

The "Money Carer" Service originally started as a pilot project in 2007 after the organisations founders were asked by a local authority if a 'Daily Money Management' service was something we would be able to launch given our specialised bill payment and financial problem solving experience.

After launching the service initially as a legal service in partnership with a law firm, The Money Carer Foundation was formed as a social enterprise in 2009 and the organisation is continuously expanding by working with local authorities, charities, law firms, family members and many other organisations and people that understand the benefits that The Money Carer Foundation can deliver.

Corporate Governance 

As a not for profit social enterprise The Money Carer Foundation does not report to shareholders. Our flat structure keeps costs down and makes decision making simpler and nimbler. This means we can make things happen very quickly for our clients. 

Our corporate governance requires the organisation to have suitable protocols and operational procedures necessary to protect the organisation and its clients accordingly. These measures include operating individual managed bank accounts in our clients names along with account security and data protection protocols. Our clients money is protected not only via our own profesional indemnity insurance policies but a bespoke surety bond for individual clients which we developed in partnership with Aviva and Security Bonds Ltd. The management team continually review, develop and consult with regards to our governance and data protection policies as we continue to expand. All employees have up to date DBS Certificates and undergo continuous professional development training.