Everyday Money Management

The Money Carer Foundation provides a trusted appointeeship service for thousands of vulnerable adults across the UK who are not able to manage their own financial affairs. We assist some of the most challenging people in society by managing their day-to-day finances and working alongside the people who also support them such as carers, social workers and other professionals.

We also help local authority appointeeship and deputyship departments when they are unable to manage existing caseloads due to resource or capacity issues.

Our financial strength and our ability to take onboard large numbers of referrals quickly, assists councils that are struggling with workloads and unnecessary waiting lists. This service is also utilised by care providers who are unable to continue in their role as a corporate appointee, either because of regulatory pressure or self-determination.

We are a national social enterprise and a long-standing member of Social Enterprise UK. We have earned an excellent reputation for supporting people with different care needs using creativity and innovation every step of the way. In 2017 we were selected to represent Best Practice and Innovation in the Finance Sector of the Parliamentary Review.

Our banking and payment system, Monika, is used by over 150 law firms and local authorities who also manage the finances of vulnerable clients in their role as the court-appointed deputy or attorney.

An Open Door Policy

Our clients range from people with learning disabilities or individuals who may have memory problems for people who may suffer from substance misuse issues or have mental health problems. We provide unique support for some of our most vulnerable and complicated members of society.

Our referring partners range from local authorities to the NHS, private hospitals, care providers, solicitors, accountants, general practitioners, psychiatrists and age, mental health or disability-focused charities.

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The Money Carer Foundation is known for our 'can do' and pro-active attitude towards resolving everyday money management issues. Our ability to creatively partner with the organisations that form our clients 'circle of care' is central to why we are successful. 

Importantly, we are a completely independent organisation. This enables us to avoid the conflicts of interest that often arise when local authorities, care providers, housing associations or other organisations manage the finances of people that they provide other care services to.

By partnering with local authorities and other organisations, we can help people with their everyday money management, and budgeting needs in a friendly and professional manner. Our holistic approach solves problems and provides a practical and common-sense approach to resolving financial issues for our clients, keeping their well-being outcomes at the centre of our relationship.

How We Are Funded

The Money Carer Foundation provides a comprehensive daily money management service with a transparent monthly fee structure. In many cases, the fees for our services are offset due to recognition that the service qualifies for disability disregard expenditure. We do not receive funding from any third parties whatsoever.

Individuals are also able to pay for our daily money management service directly if alternative funding is not available. We are often creative in finding funding solutions for clients and in some cases a funding split from supporting organisations or individuals may be possible.

We operate a fixed monthly fee structure for our daily money management service as follows:

  • Supporting Service Users in Community Settings - £75 PCM

  • Supporting Service Users in Nursing or Residential Home Settings - £45 PCM

Managing the everyday money management needs of vulnerable people can often be an expensive and time-consuming process for care providers, local authorities, family members or other support teams and as such providing an effective money management service can often prove to be problematic and costly for many organisations that do not have the technology or necessary experience in this area.

The appointeeship services from Money Carer provides a practical and efficient way to deliver a secure and cost-effective money management service as part of the wider care teams who supports people in need of financial assistance.

To learn more about how the Money Carer Foundation can assist you or your organisation with please call us today on 0161 791 3054 or email us at info@moneycarer.org.uk

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