Money Management Guidance From ARC

About This Money Management Guidance

This guide is for support staff and their managers who work with people who may lack capacity to manage some aspect of their own money. It is not designed to be a guide for how to support people who are able to make all their own financial decisions with support, although some of the principles we describe may also be useful.

There are two separate circumstances where this guide should be used:

  • The person you are working with has an appointee, attorney or deputy. Support staff need to understand these roles and have ideas about how they can work with both the person and those with legal authority to support the person on money matters. This would include supporting the person to make as many decisions as possible, explaining how bank accounts can be managed and deciding whether, for example, your service holds money provided by the appointee.
  • The person doesn’t have anyone who has been appointed to look after their money, but possibly should have, as support staff have concerns about the person’s ability to manage all aspects of money and property.

This information generated by the Association for Real Change (ARC) is a valuable tool for all professionals involved in supporting vulnerable people who are unable to manage their own money and financial affairs.

The full guidance can be downloaded here:

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