Welfare Benefit Review Service

The Money Carer Foundation provides an expert welfare benefits check service for professional deputies, attornies and appointees. The service is also open to family members who are deputy, attorney or appointee for a loved one.

The Welfare Benefits Review Service is delivered by the senior managers in our welfare benefits department who provide a comprehensive review and subsequent report along with any recommended 'next action steps' to be taken. We can also support the benefit recipient (and their representative) at tribunal level including appeal panel attendance.

As The Money Carer Foundation manages the finances of thousands of vulnerable people across the UK and has an active and ongoing dialogue with the DWP (to whom we are also a Local Partner) we are at the cutting edge of welfare benefit rights and responsibilities best practice.

What Is The Cost?

The cost to access this service is £250. Unlike other organisations that have an initial assessment fee and then a subsequent hourly rate for work that is needed to be done to get the desired outcome for the client, we will only charge additional, reasonable fees, if we need to represent at tribunal level. 

How Can I Access The Service?

Simply call us on 01928 238 250 or click here to email us and we will be happy to assist you and your client/family member.


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