Welfare Benefits Check Service

The Money Carer Foundation provides a comprehensive welfare benefits check service for professional deputies, attorneys and appointees. The service is also open to other individuals who are the deputy, appointee or hold an LPA for a family member and wish to seek our assistance.

As per the OPG's Deputy Standards, a deputy has a duty to secure all benefits their client may be entitled to. Professional deputies often do not have the specialist knowledge surrounding welfare benefits and the ability to keep up-to-date with benefit legislation changes to ensure that this is correct and therefore a referral into the service will ensure that your client is receiving the full extent of their entitlement.

Our Welfare Benefits Check service is managed by Scott Billingsley, our Head of Welfare Benefits, and his established and experienced welfare benefits department. Scott's professional qualifications include an LLB in Law and Human Rights, an MSc in Law and Business and a Post Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice. 

Previously Scott has 7 years practical experience of delivering Welfare Benefits, Debt and Housing advice at Citizens Advice and the Stepchange Debt Charity before joining The Money Carer Foundation to head up and develop his own team of specialist benefit advisors.

What Is The Cost?

The cost to access this service is £150. Unlike other organisations that have an initial assessment fee and then a subsequent hourly rate for work that is needed to be done to get the desired outcome for the client, we will only charge additional, reasonable fees, if we need to represent at tribunal level.

If we are required to undertake additional work after the initial assessment we will charge an flat hourly rate of £75 however our preference is to agree a fixed price for any additional work to ensure absolute transparency. There is zero VAT to pay on our fees. The Money Carer Foundation has full Professional Indmnity Insurance covering this service.

Can I See A Report Example?

Yes, please see an example advice letter and accompanying welfare benefit entitlement calculation breakdown below.


How Can I Access The Service?

Simply call us on 01928 238 250 and ask for Scott Billingsley (Head of Welfare Benefit Department)  or email Scott at scott.billingsley@moneycarer.org.uk and he will be happy to assist you, your client or loved one. Alternatively, simply start the process by completing the application form below.


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