Bank Accounts For Solicitors, Deputies and Appointees

Bank Account Solutions

We provide solicitors and other professionals that support vulnerable people with our modern bank account solution. The accounts are designed specifically for individuals or organisations that act as deputy, attorney or appointee. We provide bank account services to a wide range of professionals such as solicitors who are court of protection panel deputies, sole practitioners, chartered accountants and charities and care providers that are the corporate appointee for vulnerable people under their care.

Our bank account service is provided by our own banking partner (APS) as a tailored solution set up exclusively for The Money Carer Foundation and is a modern, full service account opened in either the name of  named professional or the person they are supporting.

The accounts have direct debit and standing order facilities along with the ability to make individual BACS payments. The account also comes with a pre-paid Mastercard that can be used in exactly the same way as any other Mastercard for example online or in retail outlets. The account does not have a credit facility therefore you can never go overdrawn or spend money that is not in the account. All of the funds held in the bank accounts are 100% protected in-line with our banking partners regulatory license authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

A free smart phone App can be downloaded in order to manage transactions and payments and monitor balances. The accounts can be opened by The Money Carer Foundation within 24 hours and are exactly the same facility that The Money Carer Foundation has used for many years to manage the finances of the thousands of people that we support everyday. 

Who Can Apply To Open An Account?

Our Bank Account service is available to the following individuals or organisations:

  • Solicitors or Accountants
  • Charities, Care Providers and Care Homes that act as the corporate appointee in respect of a vulnerable person.
  • Family members or friends of an indivdual that are the deputy, attorney or appointee for a vulnerable person.

What Are The Costs?

There are two different cost schedules depending on whether you represent a corporate organisation such as a law firm or if you are an individual that holds an appointeeship, deputyship or LPA for a vulnerable person. The full breakdown of the fees can be viewed here but essentially the monthly fee we charge for our bank account solution is £5.00 per month for individuals or £9.99 per month for organisations.

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