Comprehensive Appointeeship Plans

Community Appointeeships - Bringing Order To Chaos

The Community Appointeeship Plan from The Money Carer Foundation is how the majority of our clients living in the community are supported with their daily money management needs. We are typically asked to take on the role of Corporate Appointee by social workers, safeguarding teams and other referrers in order to fully manage our clients finances and protect them using all of the resources at our disposal. All appointeeship plans have the benefit and protection of the innovative appointee security bond.

Often these clients can have chaotic lifestyles and require a high level of intervention and support from all of the people and organisations involved in keeping them safe. Many of our clients supported by their own community appointeeship plan may be vulnerable due to a learning disability diagnosis, alcohol or drug related dependancies or other circumstances that make them vulnerable to financial abuse or other types of exploitation.

What Is The Cost?

The monthly cost of the Community Appointeeship Plan is £65, however increasingly many of our clients effectively have this service provided free of chrge due to our fee being rightly regarded as a Disability Disregard Cost.

Care Home Appointeeships - For More Settled Clients

Our Care Home Appointeeship Plan enables the vulnerable person to obtain the full protection of The Money Carer Foundation put in place as their corporate appointee by the DWP. Acknowledging that we will typically be required to do less to support and protect the individual than if we were supporting them in the community. Many of our clients benefiting from this plan are older people with a diagnosis of dementia or other disabiltating condition that requires 24 hour care in a professional care home setting.

What Is The Cost?

The monthly cost of the Care Home Appointeeship Plan is £35. 



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