Visit Beautiful Budapest

19th November 2015

Visit Fabulous Budapest

So I needed to visit fabulous Budapest to determine if one of our clients is actually married to the Hungarian lady that he states he is (long story)

Good trip and the city astounded me so I decided to stay longer to take a personal tour of fabulous Budapest. Guess what? .. I happened to meet the best personal tour guide in Budapest.

Visit this website and the lovely Zsófi Bittó who is the personal tour guide and manager of will be happy to deliver the best ever personal tour service in Budapest. We really connected as client and prefessional and also on a more important personal level which really made a difference to my trip to the fabulous city that is Budapest Hungary.

If you would like a personal reference for Zsófi Bittó the best personal tour guide in Budapest just email me at

Best regards

Chief Executive Officer

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