AppointeeshipOffering a flexible way to meet the needs of our service user clients and their circle of care.


DeputyshipProviding vulnerable people who require a Court appointed Deputy with the combined benefits of having an experienced Solicitor.

Lasting Power
of Attorney

lHelp for those unable to manage their own financial affairs but have the mental capacity to choose who they wish to look after their finances.

The Carers Shopping Card

lGiving clients and their carers greater security in the handling of service users money. These shopping cards can be issued to carers to enable them to have an easy, secure and convenient method of accessing small amounts of clients funds needed to purchase everyday items for the benefit of the person they are caring for.

About us

About usThe Money Carer Foundation provides a
trusted daily money management service to safeguard vulnerable adults who are not able to manage their own financial affairs.

Making a Referral

Making a ReferralThe Money Carer Foundation works alongside social workers and the NHS to protect vulnerable adults in our community.

Social Workers

Social WorkersThe Money Carer Foundation works alongside social workers and care managers who protect vulnerable adults in the community.

Direct Payments

Direct PaymentsChoose who you want to provide your care support


FamilyThe Money Carer Foundation are a Social Enterprise that has earned an enviable reputation for supporting people with different care needs. 

Services for Solicitors

lThe Money Carer Foundation can work in partnership with Solicitors who act as Deputy or Attorney with one of two services.


GenealogistsUnlocking the past to assist with the future

Local Authorities

CouncilsWorking together to provide a better service for clients


lThe Money Carer Foundation assists healthcare professionals with their efforts to better protect vulnerable people.